KW Variant 3 coilover kit now available for all Hyundai i30N Fastback and i30N

For all Hyundai i30 N, i30 N Performance, i30 Fastback N and i30 Fastback N Performance we developed our KW Variant 3 coilover suspension kit.
The adjustable dampers that can be separately adjusted in compression and rebound stages, improve the handling, and driving pleasure in everyday life for the up to 275 hp strong sporty compact models from Hyundai.

The big advantage of the KW Variant 3 compared to other aftermarket coilover suspensions built for road use, are the two-stage and individually adjustable KW compression and KW rebound damper valves in addition to the stainless-steel struts. They enable a sporty as necessary and as comfortable as possible setup out of the box.

Many of our customers are surprised at how overly ambitious sporty some standard suspensions are designed for daily life and how a KW Variant 3, despite its maximum lowering, improved traction, and handling, shows a much more harmonic driving behavior.

The KW Variant 3 on the Hyundai i30 N, i30 N Performance, i30 Fastback N, and i30 Fastback N Performance allow a maximum lowering of 20 – 40 millimeter.